96 Whole Coupon Inserts from August Sale.

Insert Insanity is having an awesome sale right now on their whole coupon inserts  in the bonus buy section of their site. It is called the “BIG DADDY STOCKPILE!” What is that you say? Well it is 90 inserts total for $49.99 PLUS you get a $10 credit to Wiz Clipz when you order this stockpile pack! So basically you are paying $39.99 for these if you figure in your Credit then you get to go on Wiz Clipz and get $10 more of coupons that you really need whenever you want to! This price also includes delivery in a Flat Rate Priority mail box which is over $10 savings alone!

There are 12 of each insert as listed below! Buy this pack for yourself or split with a friend or two! Some hot coupons ran in this months inserts so these whole coupon inserts hold a TON of free items and you will make your money back plus rather quickly with just  using a few coupons from them.

This is what you will get…
(12) Smartsource 8/12 = 104.78
(12) Red Plum 8/12 = 37.39
(12) Smartsource 8/19 = 82.55
(12) Red Plum 8/19 = 48.10
(12) Smartsource 8/26 = 134.66
(12) Red Plum 8/26 = 64.65
(12) P & G 8/26 = 135.00

Over $8497.90 value in one Big Daddy!

Total inserts: 96 + a $10.00 credit to Wiz Clipz!

Order today by noon and it will ship out today!!

Remember when ordering you can pay with PayPal or any major credit/Debit card don’t let the PayPal emblem scare you once the page loads you will see a spot that says “don’t have a PayPal account click here” then a page will load where you can use any card of your choice.


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